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I used to spend a fair amount of time playing interactive online games. I played on (the now defunct) TrekMUSE and TrekMUSH: Among The Stars. Both are, as you have probably guessed, based on a StarTrek® theme.

As I became more proficient in the language used by the MUSE engine which runs the TrekMUSE game, I gave a series of programming lectures to other players about it. I also put together an edited version of a discussion I had with one of the game directors about the parser. Another good source of information is this MUSE manual by Edward Wallace.

I have also started to play around with a MUX and a space engine in my spare time. The space engine is under the GNU General Public Licence, and I co-develop it with Cameron Smith, and feedback from the userbase.


If you play a fair amount on multi-user servers the TinyFugue client software is something you should take a look at if you run on a unix system. It is one of the most widely used clients, and has a powerful macro language, multiple session support, and logging capabilities.

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