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Me, Colorado, 2002


I was born in a small town in Cheshire in 1972, and moved to Birmingham when I was 7. I am 1.86m tall, and 85kgs. The picture was taken in Colorado in 2002.

Since the summer of 1995, I have worked full time for the University of Birmingham, first as a satellite software engineer, and more recently as the school computing manager for Physics and Astronomy.

My current responsibities are varied - from administration of existing hardware, supporting the teaching and administration activities of the school, through to network troubleshooting, new hardware specification and future computing strategy development. A bit of a mixed bag, but it means that each day brings something fresh and I'm never quite sure what will happen.

I still spend some of my time supporting the existing projects from my previous work in the Space Research Group, where I wrote satellite instrument software. For more detailed information, visit my old work pages, which have also links to near realtime telemetry from the Solar Mass Ejection Imager instrument, for which I wrote the inflight software.

To relax, I coordinate court bookings for a group of about 20 badminton players, and we get on court 5 days a week. I also spend a fair amount of time writing software, and some of the software I have worked on is listed on the link panel to the left.


I have been fortunate enough to travel widely, both with my work and in a personal fashion. There are still many places I want to visit, and I try to get away at least twice a year to somewhere new.

I have a picture album of sorts available, though I should be more selective in the pictures I take and present here.

The major missing places are the fast east and all of the southern hemisphere. Nicola and I plan to head to Japan and South America in the near term.


I am content working in the School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Birmingham, but if you think you have an openning that is challenging, interesting and which fits my skills, drop me a line!

I have a fairly old resume online.

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