Mark's Mugshots


I have been pestered and prodded to get some pictures of myself up online, as apparently some of you wonder what I look like. I tend to be behind the camera, but below are some of the photos of me that I could find. All of the pictures have been scanned in using a beat-up black and white scanner, so the quality isn't as good as I wanted. Eventually I'll make time to scan them with my new colour flatbed.

Many more recent pictures are available from my main personal page.

The basic me. This one was taken during my vacation to the United States of America, Christmas 1995. I was in Milwaukee at the time - it gets quite cold in Wisconsin in wintertime.
My corner of the office. This picture was taken in December 1995 prior to flying out to the USA. I spend most of my time in that chair ploughing through assembler source code. It's quite crowded in there now, with the addition of some more horsepower since the snap was taken. The Spy-Cam is on the shelf you can see in the picture looking back into the office. If you're lucky (or should that be unlucky), you may catch some of my co-workers on the quickcam.
A picture from autumn 1995. Just stepped out of the shower, though I'm in need of the services of a razor. The odd carving in background is a piece done by my mother. I am never quite sure what it is, but if an art collector happens to like it, I'm sure an arrangement could be made!
This one was taken at Mike and Anne's wedding. Mike is an old school friend of mine, and this one makes me feel old. He is almost a year younger than I, and has settled down already. I guess I need to look harder for the right partner!
This photo was taken in December 1995 in Austin, Texas. A friend took it while I dozed through Laurence of Arabia. After picking up a flu bug, and just recovering from it, Laurence just didn't hold the interest enough!

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