Moscow - October 1997


During a system test of the JET-X Engineering Model at the Lavotchkin facility in Moscow, I was fortunate enough to spend some time in Russia. It was not at all as I was expecting, and I am looking forward to any further tests on JET-X which will require me to revisit Moscow.

A few of the pictures I took of the city are below, along with some of my observations about the inhabitants.

Visa Requirements

One of the things you will need on any trip to Russia is a visa (unless you happen to be Russian). I was slightly amused to find that the Russian Embassy had translated my name phonetically into the Russian alphabet - presumably to aid the immigration and customs officials.

Once you have arranged your visa, and arrive in Moscow, you are required to fill out a customs form. Just be sure to check in your firearms, ammunition and narcotics in the appropriate boxes. One other thing to remember is to declare any valuable items on the back of the form, so you don't have any problems taking them back out again!

A Picture
A Picture

The City

After all of the possible problems and queuing at the customs desk, a very beautiful city awaits. I only spent a couple of days looking around as this was a business visit, rather than a vacation. However, I'd recommend spending some time in Moscow to anyone. The city is clean. I felt safe, though I did not frequent the Moscow bars and late night clubs. The inhabitants are friendly. The food is good quality and great value. One thing though - just be sure to take a sink plug with you.

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The Metro

The Moscow metro system is very well developed, and very extensive. On all the lines I travelled on, the wait for a train was never more than three minutes. Reportedly around 9 million passengers use the metro each day.

In terms of cost, a metro token cost 2,000 rubles at the time of writing - the equivalent of around twenty pence, or thirty cents. For that princely sum, you can travel from any point on the metro to any other point, with as many train changes as you want.

Reportedly, all of the metro stations have a different style, and that is definately true of the stations I passed through during my brief stay.

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