Watson Office - March 1999

Nerve Center

The group bought a digital camera, and so I thought I'd take a shot of my corner of the office. The original images are 1280x1024, though I've slimmed them down to half that for this page.

The first shows my PC, and the sun workstation I use for electronic design work. The camera that used to broadcast from the office is at the right of the second shelf.

The second is a shot of my new PC - a dual celeron (yes, celeron), running at 2 x 450Mhz. Note that celerons do not run dual without a hardware modification to the pcb, but working for a well equipped space research group has its moments! I'll put some pictures of the modified chips here when I next have the cover off my PC.

The poster is an artist impression of Spectrum-X.

A Picture
A Picture

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